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The women in these stories, or members of their family, all experienced an accident. You can access the stories by clicking on the women's names below.

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Jane Atkinson Aldridge 1868-1947 from Lancaster, Lancashire – Accident, No Descendants, Women at Work, The Mount School. 6 minute read.

Florence Mary Pettifor-Catchpole aka Florence Mary Catchpool, later Florence Mary Headley 1882-1939 from Leicester, Leicestershire – Accident, The Mount School. 6 minute read.

Elizabeth Chiddicks aka Chitticks 1885-1901 from Barking, Essex – Accident, Illegitimacy. Warning this story contains a description of death by injury. 7 minute read

Bridget Sullivan, later Bridget (H)usher aka Mary (H)usher, aka Alice Arnold 1866-1928 from Knightsbridge, Middlesex – Accident, Alcoholism, Child Mortality, Lawbreaking, Poverty, St. Joseph’s Inebriate Reformatory. 12 minute read

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