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Women's Suffrage

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WSPU poster by Hilda Dallas 1909 in the public domain

The women who appear on this page were actively involved in the campaign for women's suffrage, either as suffragette's or suffragists.

Here are some resources on this topic:

Alberti, Johanna Beyond Suffrage: Feminists in War and Peace 1914-28 Macmillan (1989) 

Andrews, Maggie and Lomas, Janis 101 Things you Need to Know about Suffragettes The History Press (2018)

Brits, Elsabe Emily Hobhouse: Beloved Traitor Tafelberg (2016)

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Holton, Sandra Stanley Feminism and Democracy: women's suffrage and reform politics in Britain 1900-1918 Cambridge University Press (1986)

Holton, Sandra Stanley Quaker Women: personal life, memory and radicalism in the lives of women Friends 1780-1930 Routledge (2007)

Holton, Sandra Stanley Suffrage Days: stories from the women’s suffrage movement Routledge (2002)

Liddington, Jill Rebel Girls: their fight for the vote Virago (2006)

Robinson, Jane Hearts And Minds: the untold story of the great pilgrimage and how women won the vote Doubleday (2018)

Mapping Women's Suffrage

Helen Blankley, later Helen Dickenson 1890-? from Baguley, Cheshire - Women at Work, Women's Suffrage, Cheshire County Training College. 9 minute read



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