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Many of the women and girls, whose stories appear on this site, were involved in what was considered, at the time, to be criminal activity. You can access the stories by clicking on the women's names below.

Betty Kershaw 1832-1877 from Leeds, Yorkshire - Disability, Domestic Abuse, Lawbreaking, Mental Health, Murder, Sickness. Warning, this story includes an account of domestic abuse. 12 minute read.

Ann Palmer c.1780-1824 from Dagenham, Essex - Infanticide, Lawbreaking, Mental Health, Suicide. Warning, this story involves child murder. 5 minute read.

Elsie May Simon aka Elsie May Brock 1895-1975 from Wyton, Yorkshire - Alcoholism, Disability, Lawbreaking. 9 minute read.

Dinah Townend c.1786-1867 from High Hoyland, Yorkshire – Domestic Abuse, Illegitimacy, Lawbreaking. Warning, this story contains an account of domestic abuse. 4 minute read.

All those who formed part of the following A Few Forgotten Women Friday collaborative research projects were labelled as lawbreakers and their stories can be found on the pages dedicated to the particular research day.

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